Productivity, a topic on which thousands of articles and hundreds of books have been written in the past. Each one of us wants to be more productive in our work and daily life. People keep reading books and blogs on how they can be more productive in the hope that they will find something magical that will make them super productive.

For the past 3 years, I have tried different to-do apps, calendar apps, Pomodoro technique, motivating posters and wallpapers, reminder apps etc. But I was unsuccessful in finding the magic wand that I wanted.

So instead of trying one more app I started to observe these apps and techniques. All these apps and techniques have one thing in common, they all try to make you "ORGANIZED".

So instead of trying to be more productive, I have started trying to be more organized. Following this for a week, I found myself to be more productive than before. I am now able to complete more number of tasks than before.

Stop trying to be productive and start trying to be organized.