About Me

I'm Harshil Lodhi, a programmer, engineer, explorer, hacker and much more.

I am 22 years old and I am always in the search of finding things that interests me and keep me hooked for hours.

I am currently working on Visual Studio Team Services at Microsoft which help teams to share, build, track and ship software. Most of my weekdays are busy with my work. On weekends, you can find me active on Github, HackerNews, Quora and on Facebook.

Before that, I graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2015. I have previously interned at Microsoft India (2014) and webMOBI (2013).

I love doing mad things that make people say "Whoa, that is interesting". You can find me in hackathons, tech talks and meetups.

During my college life, I involved myself in a lot of things apart from academics. I was the Placement Coordinator for the Computer Science Class of 2015. I worked as a Google's Student Ambassador for a year and conducted events and talks which helped students to find more about Google and vice versa. I was also an active member Entrepreneurship cell, Coding Club and Hostel affairs. I used to host a proxy server for the student community which would allow them to browse internet during restricted time.

Best way to contact me is to drop a mail at lodhi.harshil@gmail.com


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