I'm Harshil Lodhi, a programmer, engineer, explorer and a hacker.

I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer in Google Pay India. Previously, I graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2015. I have worked at Microsoft India (2015-18) and webMOBI (2013). In the past, I have also worked on text mining during college. I absolutely love systems and computer networks.

I love doing mad things that make people say "Whoa, that is interesting". You will find me in hackathons, tech talks and meetups.

During my IIT life, I involved myself in a lot of things apart from academics. I was the Placement Coordinator for the Computer Science Class of 2015. I worked as a Google's Student Ambassador for a year and conducted events and talks which helped students to find more about Google and vice versa. I used to host a proxy server for the student community which would allow them to browse internet during restricted time.

Best way to contact me is to drop a mail at last-name.first-name@gmail.com
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